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Hello Grumpy!

8 Aug

I am a morning person and wake up cheerful. Alas, some days, the world conspires to make you grumpy. Other people wake up grumpy. I feel sorry for them, because it is a burden they have to overcome everyday.


In the book Grumpy Pants, written and illustrated by Claire Messer, we do not know the source of Penguin’s grumpiness.


With each turn of the page we see Penguin try to take control of his grumpiness, shedding its layers as he sheds his clothes.


He has a strategy for dealing with these feelings and readers can laugh as he makes his way towards the bath and hot chocolate that will was away the grumpiness.

It’s a good lesson for readers, regardless of age. The book is simple, with sparse words and pictures that deal effectively with an emotion we all feel.


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