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Scavenger Hunt – A Slice of life Story

30 Aug


We lost the new guy in the Bethany Village Shopping Center.

We were nearing the end of our first day scavenger hunt and there we were, team Brought to you by the letter F, wandering in the hot parking lot shouting “Erik”. But he never answered.

As we trudged back to school, we wondered what the consequences would be for a team who lost the new guy. It couldn’t be pretty. Entering the school, we thrilled at the air conditioning we felt as we made out way towards the office. We could see the principal standing at the intersection directing traffic. Right behind her was Erik!

No, it hadn’t been a planned part of the activity to remind us as teachers to be mindful of the kids we leave behind.  We had come up with this brilliant idea on the way back to school. After each of the activities we’s done before the scavenger hunt, we’d had to do a bot of reflection. And this is what we reflected on during the long walk home.

In the end, we lost Erik for a simpler reason. he’d seen someone he knew and popped into a restaurant was we were heading to the small Bethany library. Somehow, we just never reconnected, even though the two were only a few doors apart. We were ships passing in the night.


It was a great first day back for teachers, even if we lost the new guy.

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