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The curmudgeonly voice of reason

6 Dec


With temperatures forecast to dip into the low 30’s Sunday night, Oregonians became anxious and excited. Would there be a snow day? When snow falls, things shut down here in a way that makes my Canadian family shake their heads and chuckle, even as I explain how we lack the infrastructure to take care of snow.

And as soon as the first flake falls, kids start hoping for a snow day.

Monday’s snow didn’t start falling until after 9 a.m. Big white flakes were suddenly pouring out of the sky and you could hear the excitement ripple around the school. Before long, the trees outside my classroom were covered. As my first period students entered, they wanted to know if they’d be sent home. My reasoned explanation that to was safer to keep kids at school and dismiss them at the regular time was accepted, but did nothing to curb their enthusiasm.

As their excitement rose, I began to worry. I had a meeting after school that would go late and didn’t relish the idea of driving home, at night, in snow. I hoped fervently that it would melt before I had to drive.

When had I turned into this worried middle-aged curmudgeon?

We have cold, wet weather forecast for the next few days. I am going to work on my attitude and celebrate the snow, especially if I am at home.

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