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In translation

9 Feb

After a tough day at school, I came home for some bibliotherapy, only to realize I’d taken the book I wanted to finish to school…and LEFT IT THERE. I will put it in my school bag as soon as I get to work, so I have it to finish at home tonight.

Instead, I read a stack of picture books I’d borrowed from the library. Two stood out because both have been translated from French.

The first was My Baby Crocodile by Gaëtan Dorémus. It is a quirky book.


Publisher’s Summary: Told from two different perspectives, My Little Crocodile is about a chance meeting between a crocodile and what he believes to be a “baby crocodile.” This meeting profoundly changes their lives, which then continue along their own individual paths, though the bonds of love and intimacy remain. The story plays with ideas about the relationship between parent and child as well as with those about how deeply chance and the choices we make affect us throughout our lives.

The second book was also an animal story,  A Well-Mannered Young Wolf by Jean Leroy.


Publisher’s Summary: A hilarious story about why manners matter

One morning, a young wolf eagerly sets out on his first hunting trip. But before he can devour his prey, he must honor their final wishes, just as his parents taught him to do. But the wolf’s would-be meals aren’t quite as honorable as he is! Can common courtesy prove effective amidst the wild laws of nature?

Perfect for fans of Jon Klassen, this wryly humorous book demonstrates that good manners can bring unexpected results.

They weren’t the bibliotherapy I was expecting, but they certainly took my mind off the day.

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