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Goodbye, Old Bag! #SOLSC17

1 Mar

Yesterday was our last day together. After over 20 years of near constant companionship, we are splitting up.

The end came a few days ago as I was packing my school bag and I realized, the seams on the bottom had frayed to the point of no return. If I put anything more than my lunch in my bag, a disaster might happen.


Outside, things look perfectly fine, but her insides are all messed up. I suppose I could repair the damage, but my faith in her ability to do the job, especially when I miscalculate and have an essay and a test the same week, has been shaken. She wasn’t built to carry a laptop, a beverage and seemingly endless stacks of papers. My unfair expectations have taken their toll on her, and so, I retired my school bag.

Today, I carried my new bag to school.

She is a lovely thing, all blue and shiny, but our relationship isn’t quite as comfortable. My new bag is stiff and I find I am more formal with her, asking where I have put things, rather than knowing intuitively. I know over time, I will learn to love her as much as my old bag, but I am just not there yet.She is a bit of a diva, having her own YouTube video that shows off all her bells and whistles.

┬áDo I need three Napoleon pockets? I don’t know. Only time will tell if this is a long-term relationship or a passing fancy.

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