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2017 Rose City Yarn Crawl

6 Mar

For the first time in more than four years, I finished the Rose City yarn Crawl.

img_0603That grin on my face is the real thing. I can’t even begin to tell you how proud and excited I felt when  go the last stamp, lucky #13, on my 2017 RCYC passport.

A Yarn Crawl is an organized event focused on exploring the yarn shops of an area over a specific time period. The Rose City Yarn Crawl is a four-day event for fiber enthusiasts (knitters, crocheters, spinners, and felters) to explore the many shops in and around Portland, Oregon.

The RCYC began on Thursday. It is hard for me to get to many before the weekend, but I was determined to get a few stamps in my passport before Saturday. Although  was tempted to leave school early on Thursday, I left at my regular time and got my first stamp at the shop closest to my school and more or less on the way home.

As I drove to work Friday, I planned to visit the two other shops west of Portland, but as the day passed, I began to doubt my master strategy. As I drove out of the school parking lot Friday afternoon, I made my final decision: I would visit the two in North Portland, so I could concentrate on the downtown and outlying shops.

Friday night, I mapped out my route and I was ready to go by 9 a.m Saturday morning. Overall, the day was excellent. I had two down times. Once, I got turned around approaching a shop from the opposite direction I usually do. I retraced my route and got myself oriented the way I usually do and got to the shop just fine. The second down time was, about halfway through, when I was feeling hungry and the rain was pelting sideways. I almost gave up and went home, but I persevered. By the time I arrived at my destination the rain had stopped and when I left the shop, the sun was shining. I was raring to go again.

I left the last two shops for Sunday and told everyone in the final shop that I;d just finished, I was that giddy.

I spent more than I had planned, but that is all right because I wanted to get some yarn for myself and for the items I plan to make as Christmas gifts. Here’s my RCYC stash:


 If idle hands are the devil’s workshop, I’m safe for a while.

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