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The Best Brownies Ever

7 Mar

My source for Girl Scout cookies has dried up. She has aged out of Girl Scouts and I have changed schools, so now, I get buy them where and whenever I find them. I have found that the local Fred Meyer grocery stores are excellent sources. And yet, I haven’t timed to right this year. Until Sunday.


After I left my last Yarn Crawl shop, still floating on the joy of having finished, I went to Freddies to do my groceries. And there they were in the entrance way, just setting up. Could this day get any better? Apparently it could.  The girls asked me if I wanted cookies and I told them I’d catch them on the way out. They were giddy with excitement.

After getting my groceries, as promised, I stopped at the table on my way out of the store. I looked more closely at these girls, They were very young – Brownies, probably. One little girl was helping one customer, her mom hovering behind ready to step in if necessary, but not necessarily stepping in. Her partner, a cute little blonde girl came up to me very confidently.

“I want to buy a lot,” I told her. “I  like to send some to my sister.”

Her eyes grew bigger and bigger as I told her what I wanted. Her little arms filled quickly and I wasn’t done.

“Do you want me to hold them?” I asked. Her mom, standing back, laughed a little.

When I finally had all the boxes I needed (needed?) she was practically jumping. This is when Mom stepped in. She took the boxes and helped her little Brownie count by fives to figure out how much I owed. In the little Brownie’s excitement, she kept going past the number of boxes I had. Mom helped her count again.

“That’ll be  25 dollars,” she announced confidently.

“Do you have change?” I asked, offering her two twenties.

She took them and Mom again helped her count by fives to figure out my change. Again, excited, she went al little past her goal as she counted by fives. Mom helped her count again.  Then, they helped me add the boxes to my shopping bag. I thanked them and walked away.

“Thank you!” called a little voice behind me. It was my Brownie’s partner.

“You’re welcome,” I replied smiling as I turned to walk away. She kept coming.

“Thank you for supporting the Girl Scouts,” she stuttered, the words almost too big for her tiny mouth.

She waved at me and kept her hand in the air so I offered her a high five. She giggled, so I gave her another high five. I turned, grinning and walked to my car, my heart full of joy.


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