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A Sunny Sunday

13 Mar

I woke Lucy from her late morning/early afternoon nap to go for a walk. The sun was shining and it was 62ºF -quite a shift from the downpours of the day before. As one might expect from a sunny, mid-March day, people were everywhere. Like many of the people I saw, I saw in a short-sleeved shirt. If this were August, we’d all be bundled up,  I thought, chuckling to myself as I soaked up the warmth.

Lucy was poking along, enjoying the scents that met her at every turn. Only a bloodhound has a better nose than a basset. Her slow meandering gave me a chance to turn my face to the sun and bask in the glory of the day.

We turned the corner I and I could see the family across the street getting their bikes out. As they rode around in their driveway, I heard the son, sitting on the back of his dad’s bike, say, “We haven’t done this for a year.”

Dad laughed and said, “Well, not quite a year, but it feels like it.” The family turned their bikes into the street and dad called, “Okay everyone, test your bell.” The sound filled my heart with joy  and I could still hear their bells ringing as they rode towards the park.



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