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The Power Outage – A Slice of Life Story

11 Apr

I didn’t notice the high winds last Friday until I was almost at school. As I drove down the street in front of my school, the trees were waving manically and I could hear the gusts. I leaned into the wind as I walked from my car, thankful that there was no rain.

I got up to my classroom and set about getting ready for my day, knowing I had four students coming for our last practice before Saturday’s OBOB state tournament. Just after 8, the lights went out. Fortunately, my windowless room has an emergency light. It was dark, but not impossible to work.

As classes came in, I spoke in a whisper voice and the 6th graders rolled with it. It was the quietest day ever. Students seemed to enjoy the “mood lighting” as wrote their sci-fi stories and presented what they noticed about Jack London’s writing. It was all very civilized.

The power came back on around 1:30. As soon as it did, the class erupted in cheers and applause. And that was the end of civilization.


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