Work & Play #alaac17

25 Jun


Saturday is always the busiest day of the conference. Mine started with the always excellent “Rise & Shine” breakfast with MacMillan. Several great authors spoke and we learned about some great books that will be coming in the fall.

Then my big mistake happened. Breakfast wrapped up around 8:30 and my first meeting didn’t start until 10:30. I knew where my meeting was and figured it would either be a two shuttle bus ride or a 15 minute walk. I decided to walk. It wasn’t until I arrived at the WRONG Hyatt Regency that I realized I had walked in the wrong direction. Fortunately, I was early and the shuttle buses were right where I needed them.  When I got on the shuttle to, I learned I wasn’t the only one to have made this mistake. Finally, at the right Hyatt Regency, my first meeting was excellent and productive.

Lunch with Penguin Random House followed. Then a quick tour of the Exhibit Hall. I had a list of arcs I wanted and got a few of them. The exhibit hall can be overwhelming, so I headed back to the hotel to drop off the books and have a little quiet time before my second meeting. It, too was productive and I feel that we are really getting a sense of ourselves as a group.

Saturday’s highlight was dinner with MacMillan. Four authors, Katherine Applegate, Gene Luen Yang, Steve Sheinkin and Jennifer Chambliss Bertman each sat at one of our tables and we got to question them, talk and just generally enjoy a pleasant evening together.

I slept well last night.



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