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Dogs are people too

6 Jul

Lucy and I are spending a lot of time together these days. There are frequent walks and daily naps. We like it like that.

Ed, of Excellent Ed written by Stacy McAnulty and illustrated by Julia Sarcone-Roach, also has an excellent life.


However, Ed also has a problem. Everyone in the family is good at something. Everyone except ed, that is. And so begins his journey of self-discovery.

Publisher’s Summary: Dog lovers will adore this imperfect yet endearing mutt and his quest for excellence!

Everyone in the Ellis family is excellent–except Ed.

Ed wonders if this is why he isn’t allowed to eat at the table or sit on the couch with the other children. So he’s determined to find his own thing to be excellent at–only to be (inadvertently) outdone by a family member every time.

Now Ed is really nervous–what if he’s not excellent enough to belong in this family?

This funny and endearing story offers a subtle look at sibling rivalry and self esteem, and will reassure kids that everyone is excellent at something, and that your family loves you, just as you are.

It doesn’t spoil the ending to let you know that Ed’s journey ends with the discovery of his special talent.


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