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Then & Now

10 Oct

We are getting ready for Fall conferences and I can’t help thinking how different this is at my “new” school, where I am now in my 3rd year.

At my old school we sent home paper forms and collected them as they came.

At my new school, I send out an email with a link to my Sign-up Genius event.

At my old school, we had a special sibling meeting, so we could give parents back-to-back appointments.

At my new school, parents organize their own schedule, by clicking on the times they want.

At my old school, when a parent had to reschedule their appointment, it was on me to make the arrangements and coordinate with the sibling’s teacher, and maybe their ESL teacher.

At my new school, the parent takes care of this.

At my old school, in which 75% of the students received ELL services, we had to schedule conferences around interpreter times. Fortunately, I could do my own conferences in Spanish.

At my new school, in which 5% of the students received ESL services, I have no ELL students. I miss doing some conferences in Spanish.




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