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14 Nov

We have a five-day week this week. Our last one was the week of October 9th!

It is mostly teachers buzzing with the terror/outrage/amazement of this fact. We are half horrified, half thrilled to teach this much. We are torn between railing all the individual days off and looking forward to Thanksgiving Break. I’ve had several conversations with different people about the merits of year-round schooling. Most people love the idea of more frequent, longer breaks.

It is dark on the way to and from work. And it doesn’t help that the weather has turned cold, wet, and windy. We all just want to get cozy at home. I spent last weekend drinking tea and finishing the hat I am knitting for my mother for Christmas.

November feels anticipatory. Thanksgiving is coming. Winter Break is coming. We are waiting, waiting, waiting.

I tried writing a serious poem about this, but ended up with a limerick!

There once was a school, in November,

Whose teachers just could not remember

How to teach for a week,

They were long past their peak

And were ready for Break in December.




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