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The calendar

19 Dec

I am, happily drinking my way through the 2017 David’s Tea Advent Calendar.


Yesterday was a delicious Earl Grey. Today’s is a lovely herbal tea called The Spice is Right.

We have an odd school calendar this year. All the districts around us went on Winter Break on Friday. We are lingering on until Wednesday, which seems an odd day on which to end. I’ve already said good-bye to several students, whose parents found less expensive flights before we get out. I will say goodbye to a couple of others today.

The other odd bit of our calendar is that we go back on the Thursday after New Year’s.  teachers and students are grumbling, feeling as though we are being shortchanged. We are getting one weekend less than everyone else.  I am right there with them, though I’d prefer staying until this Friday and coming back the Monday after New Year’s.

To liven the mood, I made a proposal to the staff. In addition to being the last day, Wednesday is also an early release day. So, I invited the staff to come to my room for a scoring party. The time must be used for collaboration, so we cannot work alone in our own rooms. I offered to host a party where people can grade the papers they will carry home in a bag and not touch all break. We can see what people in other grades and content areas are working on. The response was very positive and someone has already offered to bring cookies.

Wishing you the happiest of holidays!


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