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Day 4 in Denver – #alamw18

11 Feb


Sunday morning, I was up early for the MacMillan Children’s “Rise and Shine Breakfast. I had to leave a before the presentations ended, for my final Sibert meeting.

This meeting was fun. We divvied up the books and wrote the text for tomorrow’s announcement and the press release.  The criteria are tight. The winner of the award gets 50 words for the description of the book, 25 words to quote content or comments and another 50 words for the author and/or illustrator bio(s). Honor books get even less: a 50 word description of the book and a mere 20 words for authors and illustrators. It was fun, intense work.

Once each group finished, we read aloud what we’d written. And then we placed medals on the books that will appear in the YMA presentation. It felt like a coronation.

I spent some time in the exhibit hall later and shipped home some books. Then, I went back to my hotel for a nap. I can’t tell you how exhausting the process has been. It has been wonderful, but I am pooped.

We reconvened Sunday evening to call the winners. Let me just say, there were tears and cheers, from all of us and on the other end of the phone.

You can watch the presentation live here at 8 a.m (Mountain Time)


Day 3 in Denver – #alamw18

11 Feb

I awoke to snow, falling and on the ground. I bundled up and attended the Harper Collins breakfast, where I got  several arcs I wanted – and a few I didn’t know I wanted!


As for the rest of the day – I can’t say anything. We were locked in our room from 8 a.m. we took bathroom, coffee, and meal breaks.

We have a  short meeting tomorrow morning, then reconvene in the late afternoon to make THE phone calls. The time between the two meetings will be mine to explore the conference.

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