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Just another day at USPS

10 Mar


Having assembled the large box, I started packing it, only to realize it was too large. I went over to the stand in the small USPS grocery store outlet and grabbed a medium box.

This was my first time using a priority mail box. I’ve always saved boxes, packed them and wrapped them in brown paper. But the cost of shipping this way has gone up and, over Christmas, I realized that using a standard-sized, priority mail box would be cheaper that a random box, beautifully wrapped in brown paper.

Setting aside the large box, I taped the bottom of the medium box and filled it. My contents fit perfectly – snug, but not squished. I wrote the address on top and began taping the top shut. Dang! I cursed silently when I realized I’d left something out.

Using my keys, I cut the tape, added the missing item then retaped the box. The upside of this setback was that the line, which was five people long when I started, was now only one!

I lifted the box and it felt pretty light. I bet this is under 4 pounds, I mused and I grabbed the smaller of the two customs forms used for shipping to Canada, the parcel’s final destination. I carefully filled out the form and walked between the stanchions whose belts led to the counter. Surprise – I was the head of the line!

As soon as a customer left,  I was called up and I placed my package on the counter.

“Canada,” said the clerk. “Did you fill out the form?”

“Yes,” I replied, smiling and waving the small form. The clerk furrowed her brow.

“It feels pretty light,” I said, hopefully.

“Hmmm, let’s see,” she replied, setting the package on the scale. “Four pounds, five ounces. You’ll need the other form.” I groaned inwardly.

She pointed to my left. “Just fill it out over there, then step back here when you are ready, as long as no other customer is here.”

Grumbling a little, I wrote the exact same information from the small form onto the large form. Maybe I grumbled a bit. Once done, and back at the counter, the rest of the process went smoothly. Despite the small obstacles I had encountered in mailing it, I drove home happy in the knowledge that the package was finally on its way.



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