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Car talk

20 Mar

Thank goodness modern cars have warning lights. I no longer have to remember when to schedule my next oil change – my light will tell me. I felt really on top of things because as soon as the light appeared, I scheduled an oil change for the day and time I wanted. I paid $100 for “Lifetime Oil Change” service when I bought my car in 2006. The dealership  doesn’t offer that anymore.

Yesterday, when I started my car, though, a new light appeared.



Just last year it had come on and I needed a new catalytic converter. Ka-ching!

When I got to school, I scheduled an appointment for this morning. Drop off at 7. Shuttle to school. 7:45 appointment. I might even know the verdict before noon!

In the meantime, I searched online and saw this handy advice:

Possibly the silliest reason that your check engine light is on, a loose, damaged or missing gas cap may cause your check engine light to come on. The gas cap seals the fuel system, maintains pressure and will reduce emissions. A faulty gas cap will increase harmful emissions and can negatively impact efficiency if not replaced.

Before starting the car after school yesterday, I tightened the gas cap, hoping I could cancel the Tuesday morning appointment. Nothing changed, so I will follow through with Plan A.

I am hoping it is something small but fearing I will be shopping for a new car next week during Spring Break.




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