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Solar power

24 Apr

The sudden shift from April showers (and downpours) to warm weather over the weekend saw many neighbors out planting flowers.

I was there too, planting in the small the courtyard of my condominium. I first planted the accent flowers in the window box style planter I had set on my stoop.  Then, I intended to plant cilantro and basil seeds in separate pots, but as I emptied the potting soil bags, I realized I was going to be  a little short. I could fill one completely or one half way, or I could do both about three-quarters full.

As I weighed my options, my neighbor in #4 came into the courtyard carrying in a very dead houseplant. By the end of our observations about the weather,  and a discussion as to whether one could dispose of a dead plant in the compost bin, I had a brilliant idea.

“If  there is any soil left once you’ve discarded that plant, I’d be willing to take it off you hands,” I offered, seeing a potential win-win here. She agreed and a few minutes later she was at the foot of the steps leading to the sidewalk, calling my name.

“Actually,” she said, “You could do me a bigger favor.” She went on to tell me she had recently been diagnosed with cancer and had just had surgery. All had gone well and they caught it early and she’d be starting radiation (or was it chemo) next week. However, she wasn’t allowed to lift. If I helped her shift the big bag of potting soil in her garage, I could take what I needed to fill my containers. A bit shocked at the news, I quickly agreed.

Before too long, we both had potted our plants. I know I was feeling energized by the warmth of the sun on my skin as I worked. My dog, was also enjoying a little sunbath beside me. And my neighbor, she, too seemed to be benefitting from the summery weather we were having. I hoped that it gave her extra power to keep fighting the good fight as she enters into the next phase of her treatment and recovery.slice-of-life_individual

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