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My Mom’s Last Day

21 Jun

Tuesday was my students’ last day as sixth graders.

It turns out it was also my mom’s last day on Earth.

She got up and met her little old lady friends for coffee. She usually brought down the horoscopes or the quote of the day to share with everyone.

She called my eldest sister to take her to the dollar store for dime wrappers. She had a lot of dimes she’d won at Bingo and wanted to get them organized.

For lunch she had a toasted tomato sandwich, a banana, and a glass of milk. For dinner she had Lean Cuisine meatloaf and mashed potatoes.

Tuesday evening she went to cards & bingo – probably with her neatly organized dimes. She fainted while she was there and herĀ little old lady friends called for an ambulance and they called my eldest sister, who beat the ambulance to the hospital.

She had revived before she got to the hospital, but her blood pressure kept dropping. She died shortly after arriving at the hospital.

She was a feisty French-Canadian who loved bingo, her family, and Pachelbel’s Canon. We will hold her memorial service on July 7th, in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada.



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