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Sleeping with the anemones

24 Jul

Although I have been to the Oregon Coast many times, last week’s trip to Cannon Beach was unique for two reasons. First, the tide was so far out,  the marine garden in front of Haystack Rock was visible.


We were able to see the sea life that clings to the rocks: limpets, barnacles and anemones.

The second reason why this trip was unique is because my sister and I brought some of my parents ashes to bury at the beach.

We looked for just the right spot – away from other people and close enough to the water that the tide would soon carry Mom and Dad away and make them one with the universe. We had packed supplies to dig the small hole we would need and took them out to start as soon as we found the perfect spot. Broken bits of shell were nearby so we used those to decorate once we had buried the ashes, and wrote their names ( Georgie & Earl) above.


Then, we walked away to let the ocean do what it will. We giggled a bit as we walked away because we’d left Mom & Dad sleeping with the anemones.

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