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My new phone

31 Jul

I finally did it. I got a smart phone.

I’d managed to get along just fine with my flip phone and computer, but I will be buying a new car before too long. Since new cars all have bluetooth capability, I figured I ought to get the phone before the car so the dealership can show me all the fabulous things the car and phone can do together. If only they could drive for me!

I don’t think I am ready for that yet. Do you think that means I have trust issues?

Getting the phone was quick and painless. I have a MacBook and an iPad, so you can imagine the direction I went. I was in and out quickly, with the new phone connected to the phone connected to the Apple ID I use for my other devices.

It wasn’t until I was driving home that there was one piece of crucial information I didn’t get: the phone number.

This was easily remedied by calling my landline. There was an email waiting for me when I got home, too, from my carrier. That made my next step easier and I began announcing to the world my newly connected status. Here is my first selfie:



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