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Pizza for lunch

22 Jan

After two years of going to other people’s houses, I hosted book club last night.

It is a book club for librarians and a few others and we only discuss children’s and YA lit. It is large and fluid group. Each month when the reminder goes out, people chime in only if they are coming. They also state what they will bring. The person hosting orders pizza.

I am not the best hostess in the world and I worry about this flaw. As I tidied the house, I worried about parking, about how my dog – Lucy – would deal with 8-10 people in her space eating pizza, about the fact that I only have seats for eight. And I thought about the pizza.

I haven’t ordered a pizza in decades. Maybe not since university, when we dialed 967-11-11 for Pizza Pizza. I can still sing the radio jingle.

I knew I’d get one veggie and one meat, but I consulted my sister about the size to order. That determined, I placed my order online. College-age me could never have imagined this. A few people cancelled at the last minute another decided to come last minute. yes, we are that fluid.

The pizzas arrived on time.

There were enough seats.

Lucy was a very good girl.

And there is enough pizza left over for this week’s lunches.

screen shot 2019-01-22 at 5.53.47 am

Here is the list of books we discussed last night

Shorter Fiction:

Longer Fiction:


Graphic Novel


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