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Bad dream

9 Mar

Lucy got me up before the sun for a potty break. That wasn’t out of the ordinary for a Saturday. I put on her leash and stood in the doorway, eyes barely open, as she did her business, then we both went back to bed. For the record, it is now seven and Lucy is still in bed, She has taken the warm spot I vacated.

I’m up because I woke up from a bad dream with a headache.

I rarely have bad dreams, and I rarely remember details about dreams when I awake, but I am trying to shake off this bad dream.

It was a school dream and, in a nutshell, my classes revolted. It was lunch detention and there were a lot of kids there. A whole class full.  Kids were storing their belongings in my cupboards and they were replacing our school tables with heavy wood tables you might have seen in the court of King Henry VIII. Students wouldn’t sit, and they were talking back and moving furniture.  That part  didn’t make it a bad dream, it was just weird. What mad it a bad dream was the fact that the students were so disrespectful. Some were in my face yelling at me. I was crying.

Let me state for the record, I have really nice students and I don’t know why I dreamed this dream. I don’t think it really means anything, but it has left me feeling a bit ragged and I have a headache. But, the coffee has brewed and I’ve taken two Advil. I had planned to write a different post this morning, but I thought writing might be a means to exorcize the bad dream. I am hopeful that, once this day gets going,  this dream will go the way of all dreams, and the details I can still see will evaporate into the ether.



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