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Fire Drill

20 Mar

Sunshine + the last week of school in March = a perfect day for a fire drill

Maybe the week before Spring Break isn’t ideal for a fire drill, but the weather was perfect and March must have one, so I shouldn’t have been surprised by the email announcing one would happen Tuesday morning.

With a class of 8 quiet girls and 16 boys who love to talk, I offered up a bribe as I announced the impending drill.

“If you can go outside, line up in two straight lines and remain quiet and still, I will pass around the Jolly Ranchers,” I said with a naughty smile. Sixth grade eyes glinted at this rare treat.

Everyone got to work, mostly quietly, although whispers of “Jolly Rancher” caught my ear from time to time. They were deep into their task when the alarm sounded.

“Remember the Jolly Ranchers!” was the rallying whisper as chairs were pushed in and the class exited the room. They were silent in the halls, even when they merge with the 8th graders. We found out spot along the fence and, though they needed some help getting started, two quiet lines formed. Around us classes were noisier, but my class was still(ish) and quiet(ish) as we waited for the signal to return to class.

Once back in the room, there was a soft buzz of anticipation as they got back to work and I made good on my bribe.

Photo on 3-19-19 at 12.03 PM

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