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One of those days

28 Jan

“Uh, Ms. Gillespie, the date!”

I wheeled around and looked at the whiteboard in response to this student’s comment. The date read Friday, January 20, 2024. I laughed, changed it to Friday, January 24, 2020 and apologized to the class, explaining that I hadn’t slept well.

That wasn’t exactly true. I had slept like a log. In fact, I slept so deeply that when my dog Lucy got up to go potty – usually one or the other wakes up during the night and then we both go – I slept right on through. Fortunately, Lucy is well-trained and knew to go on the pee pads I leave out for her while I am at work.

Despite that hard sleep, though, I woke up and didn’t feel rested. Instead, I felt exhausted, and that was unusual for this morning person.

My gaffes continued throughout the morning. I dropped papers, I couldn’t find things I was looking for. I lost my train of thought. all of this prompted another student to comment, “Wow, you really didn’t sleep well, did you?”.


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