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18 Feb

It rained so hard Saturday that Lucy stuck her head out of the door for a potty walk, and tried to turn around and go back inside. I forced her out just long enough to take care of business.

I’d woken up that morning with a pain in my back and goopy eyes. Sigh. On top of terrible long weekend weather, I was not feeling well. I stayed in my pyjamas all day, drank lots of tea, and used eye drops frequently. I’d had plans for things I’d wanted to accomplish, but I didn’t have the energy. Lucy and I were content to stay snuggled on the sofa.

I felt a little better Sunday – well enough that I actually thought about doing things, though I didn’t actually do them. The rain had abated, though puddles were ubiquitous. And Lucy went out without prodding. Things were looking brighter.

I was up before dawn Monday, as is my norm. I felt better, more energized. I poured myself a cup of coffee and began a task I’d put off all weekend: my taxes. They aren’t that complicated, so I was done in an hour.

The sun was up and so was Lucy, so we went for a walk in the sunshine. When she wasn’t sniffing all the scents the rain had stirred up, Lucy did her usual stand and look around thing. Today, I joined in. There was a little warmth in the sun. I stood still, closed my eyes, and soaked up what I could. When I opened them again, I noticed a hummingbird hovering at a neighbor’s bush. And a robin in the tree beside the bush. Warmth seemed to have penetrated my soul.





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