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Yes, we have no bananas

3 Mar

Every Monday morning, I stop at the grocery store nearest my school and buy a week’s worth of bananas.

My team has first period plan every day and one of my teaching partners and I sit down every day at 9:30 for second breakfast. For her, this is a bowl of yogurt, granola, and fruit. For me, it is tea and a banana.

Yesterday morning, as is my norm, I stopped for my weekly banana run. Well, imagine my surprise when the banana section was empty. Not just lightly populated – completely empty. Both the regular and organic sections. How could this be, I wondered.

A produce department guy was working unperturbedly, restocking some citrus. I could have asked him about the dearth of bananas, but I chose not to. I have my morning stops timed pretty well and I didn’t really have time for an explanation, or for him to go find just the right shade of green banana I prefer.  Instead, I popped over to the dairy section and got some yogurt.

Second breakfast will be a little this week.



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