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Tech Queen of the Day

4 Mar

“Who feels as though they’d be a good resource for others?” I asked the class yesterday. A number of students raised their hands.

“You know I am the least tech-savvy person in the room so look around. Ask all of these people before you come to me for help,” I told them, laughing at my own ignorance.

Last week the class turned in the Teen Activism books. This week they are reformatting their work into a website. Not my forte.

And yet, today, I solved several students’ dilemmas.

Scenario 1

Student: Ms. Gillespie, I can’t get my pictures into my website.

Me: Remember, you have to download them into a file before you can add them.

Scenario 2

Student: Ms. Gillespie, I saved my website yesterday, but can’t find it today.

Me: Click here on “New Sites”.

Scenario 3

Student: Ms. Gillespie, I can’t create a new page.

Me (poking screen a few times): There you go.


Maybe I know a little more than I think I do.


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