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Off Key

5 Mar

As I packed my bag last night, I realized that, yet again, I had left my keys at school. This has happened more this year than any other because we’ve had some changes to how our school is run since last year’s lockdown.

No longer does the custodian unlock the front doors when he arrives.No longer is there a secretary in the office at 7:15 who can open the door for those of us who forgot our keys. This year we all got a key card and a single key for our classroom door. Mine hangs on a lanyard that I hate to wear, and that is my real dilemma.

Because I hate wearing my lanyard, I frequently leave the keys on my desk or a table in the classroom. If I don’t remember to pay attention when I pack my bag to go home, they stay there. And so, this morning, I drove to school, keyless once more. As I drove into the back  parking lot, I saw another teacher had arrived. He was busy opening and closing all of his cars doors. Must be organizing the things he needs for the day, I thought.

“Good morning!” I said, greeting him cheerily before making the ask. “How are you today?”

” Fine, but I seem to have lost my bank card and I am looking through the car for it.” he replied.

“Man, that’s not good. When did you last see it?” I asked and we chatted for a few moments about his situation before I asked for help.

We walked together to the door chatting about various things. He’s not a teacher I know well, so It was nice to make that connection. When I got in my classroom, I made a change. I left my classroom key on the lanyard but transferred the keycard to a different lanyard that stays attached to my schoolbag. It contains the business cards os subs who frequent our building. I have it looped around the handle of my schoolbag so I don’t lose those cards. Now, I shouldn’t lose track of that key card, either.


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