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Breaking a leg

10 Mar

Many theater folks cling to the idea that a bad dress rehearsal is a good omen for a successful opening night. If that is true, my OBOB team will do really well at our regional tournament on Saturday.

They straggled in Monday morning, a little out of it because it was Monday, of a full moon, after the time change. Only three of the four team members showed up. One was sick – the only girl on the team

“In which¬† book….,” I said, starting the process.

Their answer was wrong. So was the next and most of the ones that followed. The boys were starting to doubt themselves.

“Hey, let’s huddle in,” said one of the boys. Suddenly, they started doing better.

“We need to do this on Saturday,” the same boy said. “Getting our heads close together makes us more powerful.”

Let’s hope his words have power and they do well on Saturday.




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