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Too much, not enough, just what I need

16 Mar

For several years now, a friend and I have had season’s tickets to a local vocal group called Cappella Romana.

Our March concert was supposed to happen Saturday. The group was going to perform Tchaikovsky’s Divine Liturgy, with a basso profundo and the 100+ voices of the Pacific Youth Choir. Unfortunately, this was the day after I was supposed to come home from Outdoor School and the day I was supposed to take my team to our OBOB regional meet. When I learned that all of these events were going to collide, I gave my ticket back to my friend, knowing there was no way I’d be able to make it, even though it was the concert I was most excited about.

Earlier in the month, their Seattle concert was cancelled because of the circumstances surrounding the coronavirus. The group did not want to take the young singers of the Pacific Youth Choir – or their own artists – to Seattle. With the Oregon governor’s announcement last week that events of over 250 people would have to be cancelled, it looked as though the Portland concert would suffer the same fate.

And then I got a message saying that, rather than cancelling, Cappella Romana would livestream the concert from St Mary’s Cathedral in Portland – without a live audience.

And so I spent Saturday night, watching a performance I had expected to miss. The music was glorious and just the sort of thing my soul needed in these trying times.





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