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The new shopping

21 Mar

A few days ago, I went to the grocery store and kept my gloves on the whole time. I was grateful for the stylus on the card reader, so I could punch in my PIN without baring skin. Once home, after wiping down my bags and containers, I took a shower.

I was unsettled by how unsettled I felt about going out.

Yesterday, I ordered dog food online for the first time. Today, I placed an online delivery order with my local supermarket.

I have used this service before. The first time was when I was on crutches and navigating stores was complicated. I have used it a few times since and it has always been very straightforward. When I sat down to place my order, I considered a couple of meals I might make this week, and selected the “within five hours” option.

My phone pinged just after 9 to let me know that Jessica was shopping my order. And then the texts started.

Yellow onions were out, would organic be OK?

She sent me a photo of the empty been shelf, though she did manage to find cans of cannellini beans. Hooray!

She texted me for substitutions for

  • crushed tomatoes
  • coffee creamer
  • cauliflower
  • yellow onions

By the time the app let me know she was on her way, I felt like I knew Jessica.




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