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How do you like them apples?

26 Mar

Last night, realizing that I had six apples in my fridge, I decided that I would make apple crisp this morning. With oatmeal in the recipe,  I thought, it could be considered a breakfast food!

Alas, when I set out to make it, I realized I had used up all my oatmeal last week. Although there are apple crisp recipes that don’t call for oatmeal, I could not bring myself to create such an abomination.

So, there I was, bedecked in an apron and ready to bake. I looked at Lucy, who had roused herself from sleep upon hearing clattering in the kitchen, and asked, “Is there an easy apple cake recipe I could make instead?”.

Of course there was. I did a little online search and found one that required a 9×9 pan. I live alone, and baking a 9×13 cake for one person me seemed extravagant.

And, an hour later, I had a cake. It actually was more like an apple-cinnamon brownie, and it smelled great.

I also happened to have whipping cream in the fridge, so, while the cake cooled I got whipping. It’s maybe a good thing I did PE With Joe this morning!




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