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Drawing closer

4 Mar

On Wednesdays, I only have one class: a 30-minute homeroom Advisory. Our counseling staff prepares lessons for us to teach, usually around Social Emotional Learning (SEL). Some of the lessons have been excellent, but it can be hard teaching a lesson some one else prepared and you see 30 minutes before teaching it. Some Wednesdays, I feel bad for my students. Yesterday, having looked at the lesson, I couldn’t take it any more.

First, let me say, there was absolutely nothing wrong with the lesson. It was sunny out and I felt an energy I hadn’t felt in months, and, after six months of SEL lessons, I wanted something fun. I threw out the lesson and decided we’d play Pictionary. We’d played the week before Winter Break and I laughed with my students harder than I ever had. Pictionary was what we needed today, not another slide deck.

Once everyone had arrived to the Zoom meeting, I asked, “Was there someone who won the last round last time, and I promised could go first?”

Silence at first, then a name was suggested. That person couldn’t recall, so I went to the list I’d prepared. “We have three birthdays this week, so I will offer it to the celebrants.”

Thursday’s birthday declined. I was worried.

Friday’s birthday declined. I was really worried.

Saturday’s birthday accepted and we had a Pictionary game up and running.

Suddenly, it was two minutes before the end of the class. I gave the word to the last drawer. She drew, They guessed and class was over. As I wrapped things up and we said our goodbyes, the comment that stood out to me in chat was We should do this more often. Yes, we should.

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