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Back to the drawing board

14 Mar

Someone at work is pregnant and, traditionally, I knit a sweater for the new baby.

Last week I pulled out a skein of yarn I thought would be appropriate and knit a sweater I’d knit many times before. I hated the result. There were a couple of reasons for it. The variegated yarn pooled in a way I did not find appealing. I knit a size larger than I usually knit, trying to gift a sweater a baby might wear next winter, but It seemed off. Maybe it was the pooling that made the proportions look wrong. I just don’t know.

What I do know is that there is no way I can gift this sweater. It is now in a donation bag awaiting a trip to the Sally Ann.

So this morning, I am back to the drawing board. I have a new skein of yarn caked up and a different pattern on deck. And I am feeling really good about this decision.

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