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Planting ideas

21 Mar

The weather is changing for the better and it is high time I do something about the planters on my stoop.

There was a time
when I had a house
with a big yard and
a large vegetable garden,
but those days are long past.

my garden lives
in manageable containers.
There are dahlia tubers
in round pots that
need to be examined
and possibly replaced.

In the rectangular planter,
the remnants of old chrysanthemums –
bought for parent teacher conferences
in October 2019 –
cling to life.
They were scraggly
last summer and
will be replaced this year.

I might plant basil, later,
when the weather is better
and there is no fear that
cold weather
will kill off the plants.
And a yellow pear tomato plant
is always a delight.

I know a lot of people with
extensive garden,
who page through seed catalogues
in winter,
planning in great detail.
I was, too,
once upon a time.

But I’ve become
a gardening pantser
planting whatever takes my fancy
when the time is right.

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