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Eyes are the windows to the soul

22 Mar

If eyes are the window to the soul, then I am in trouble. Richard, too.

Even though theologians will say that dogs have no soul, dog lovers know better. Both our souls are in peril because we are both suffering from allergies that are affecting our eyes. I noticed my own eyes first – the itchiness, the redness, the runniness. Constantly rubbing, I irritated the skin around my eyes.

Then Richard started a new behavior: rubbing his face on the edge of his bed. At first I thought it was a cute behavior because he is a funny boy with a great sense of humor. (How can you say he has no soul if he has a great sense of humor?) I noticed goop in his eyes. I noticed redness and irritation in the skin around his eyes.

He came to me because of bad allergies and ears. I was surprised at how well he looked back in October. He had a fat medical file but was in pretty good shape. We weaned him off the meds he’d been on and he was doing really well. Now, I can see how bad his allergies can get despite the twice weekly bath and ear cleaning he’s been getting.

He has a recheck with his allergy and ear vet next Friday, April 2nd, but I am going to call today to see if they’ve had a cancellation this week. I know how bad my eyes feel right now. I hate to think how bad he feels – and how much worse he might feel if he has to wait another two weeks.

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