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Some poetry Friday fun

7 Dec

“What?” asked the kid sitting nearest me as I tittered as I typed away. “What’s so funny?”

It was Poetry Friday and today we were writing apostrophes, poems in which the poet addresses an absent person, an abstract idea, or a thing. On Poetry Fridays, I try to write a poem in each of my six periods. Some turn out better than others. Today, in period 2,  I was brilliant.

Somehow, I got the “Officer Krupke” song from West Side Story in my head. The rhythm got me going. And somehow I got the idea to address my naughty 8th graders. This was perfect since I was in the second of the three 7th grade classes. 

At one point, I might have snorted. Several heads popped up from Chromebooks. I continued working and promised to share. We always take the last 10 minutes to share a golden line or a whole poem at table groups, the I ask for volunteers to share with the whole class. It can be a mixed bag, and OI try to vary the public sharers. We always snap after a share because it’s poetry.

I don’t always share my poems, but this day, I let myself go first. And, with great passion, I read my poem aloud

Dear crazy 8th grade students
You talk an awful lot
You’re also lacking prudence
My nerves are getting fraught
I’m waiting for your homework
You’re always late to class
Oh my goodness do you think you’re gonna pass?

Dear speedy 6th grade students

Running down the hall
You spilled your backpack contents
All over Orange Hall
I know the big kids scare you
As you move from room to room
But oh my goodness  there’s no need to zoom!

Dear kindly 7th graders

I appreciate your poise
You’re not homework evaders 
And don’t make a lot of noise
I wish the other students
Could learn to be like you
Oh my goodness I say thanks to you.

I got a cheer. It was a great way to spend a Friday.

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