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Snow day…for some

12 Apr

My phone rang at 5 yesterday morning. I was already awake, but not ready to get out of bed, so I grumbled all the way to the kitchen to turn it off. When I saw the caller, though, I swiped right and heard the announcement of a two hour delay do to snow.

I looked out the window.

Yup. We had snow.

On April 11th.

After reaching 77ºF on Thursday.

As the snow kept falling, I watched as the other districts in the counties surrounding ours move from a two-hour delay to full closure. Of the five school districts my school’s county, two closed. the other three stayed at a two-hour delay.

I don’t live in the county where I teach and Portland Public Schools was closed for the day. I dithered about what to do.

I saw that the highway I take to work was closed in both direction due to downed trees. Downed trees impacted other routes into Beaverton, so I made the decision for myself. I think almost every Beaverton teacher who lives in Portland made the same decision because we had 17 staff absences at my school, and only 9 were filled.

It was going to be a doozy of a day.

Emails came all day long asking staff to fill the unfilled jobs. It sounds like we had a lot of student absences too.I have no idea what I will go back to tomorrow, but I can tell you this: I got really damp and chilled cutting up the bush that was so weighed down with snow that it blocked my back door. Hot tea and cozy blanket were great restoratives.

So was this unexpected day off.

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