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What’s seen cannot be unseen

26 Apr

Waking up Friday morning, I was surprised to discover my ribs hurt – the sort of hurt that comes from a night of coughing, but I hadn’t. I laid back, taking a moment to reflect on what might have caused this strange pain. And then it hit me.

A basset hound’s nose comes in second place after a bloodhound’s. Consequently, as I walk Richard, I look down, on alert for icky things his nose might be drawn to. Somedays I catch them before he does. Thursday I did not.

I live in a residential neighborhood a few blocks away from “Restaurant Row”. After almost 16 years in my home, you’d think I would have grown accustomed to the food waste that gets dropped. There are also lots of icky things that appear – there are also establishments that serve alcohol. Of course, Richard’s nose led him straight to the vomit obscured by grass. I yanked the leash, pulling him away, but the damage had been done. What’s seen cannot be unseen, and my lizard brain took over.

I have always had a light gag reflex. Thursday morning, it was in Overdrive because I gagged for a full two blocks. I used all the tricks in my arsenal – visualizing pretty scenes to banish the ugle, breathing exercises, self talk – all the while looking around to be sure no neighbors saw me retching.

As I sit here writing, the memory has me near-gagging. I’ll need to file this mental image deep in my brain, along with that time a kindergartner sneezed in a book. But that’s a tale for another day.

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