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9 May

Last week, feeling like the 8th graders needed something amusing for poetry Friday, we read the poem “Bliss Point or What Can Best Be Achieved by Cheese” by Benjamin Garcia. Then, I challenged students to write about their favorite snack food. I recalled a time when I was under 7, and had to make a hard snack choice.

On Saturdays we would get a dime

Then go to the Tanners’ store to get our weekly treat.

I used half to buy a Mars bar

And the other half for penny candy

Licorice cigars, jube-jubes, jawbreakers.

You could get a lot of penny candy for a nickel.

Then, one day, the unthinkable happened:

The price of a Mars bar went up to a dime

And I had choices to make.

Should I get only the Mars bar, which I loved,

Or spend the whole dime on penny candy.

It was a hard choice.

I don’t remember what I chose.

I just remember the dilemma-

My first encounter with inflation.

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