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1 Nov

My new driver’s license arrived in the mail today and I laughed at the “new” old photo. It’s the same photo I took eight years ago. For whatever COVID-related reason, I was able to renew online. This license is still good for eight years and it made me laugh to think that in 2030, when I turn 66, the photo will still be 50 year old me. I wonder how much reality will differ from the photo?

I also received a renewal from Multnomah County Animal Control. As I opened it, I was puzzled because I thought Richard’s license expired next year. It does. This was a renewal for Lucy, who I lost two years ago. I got teary-eyed.

It’s funny how two pieces of mail can arrive on the same day and bring up two very different emotions. Here’s a photo of Lucy on her last birthday. She passed away three months later.

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