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A Good News/Bad News Sort of Week

15 Nov

Monday arrived and with it, the anticipation of three days with kids, a grading day on Thursday, and no school Friday.We were all ready for the mini-break.

Tuesday morning, you could hear a chorus of “Have you seen the news?” echoing down the halls of our school as news broke that teachers would be allowed to work from home on Thursday. The validation that we were being treated like professionals, and the prospect of working on the sofa on comfy clothes, buoyed my mood..

I had mixed feelings Wednesday. I was very excited about working from home Thursday, but I was worried about a package I had mailed to my sister in Canada. We send each other an Advent calendar each year. I mailed mine on Tuesday, November 2 from a post office I don’t usually use. I’d been tracking the package and was concerned when it went through US customs. Weird, I thought, Is this a new step before sending it to Canada to pass through Canadian customs? It seemed to be stuck in Los Angeles.

Thursday morning, I received frustrating news: a vet appointment with a specialist I had booked for Veteran’s day was cancelled because the vet was sick. I’d deliberately chosen that day to avoid the stress of trying to find a sub. I called the office and managed to reschedule to Monday. Between planning and finalizing my grades for the quarter, I tried contacting my favorite subs. None were available. I put it out for pot luck.

By Friday, it was clear that the Advent package was on its way back to me. Could the postal clerk have written the wrong address on the form, I wondered. Fortunately, my job had been picked up by a sub who frequents our building.

I tracked the package all day Saturday. It was delivered around 6 pm, and yes, the clerk had erred. She folded the customs form to fit the plastic sleeve that attached to the package, but she put it in backwards. My address was face up. The receiving address was hidden. Fortunately, I managed to peel off all the stickers and made a plan to visit a Postal Annex on Sunday.

On Sunday morning, USPS said the package was still on its way to me. It was a beautiful Fall day, so I walked over to the shop, which is less than a mile away. I have always been a huge fan of the postal system, but I decided to ask about sending the package by Fed Ex when I got to the Postal Annex shop. I opted to send it USPS. Having told the clerk my story, she showed me that the correct address was clearly visible.

Monday‘s vet appointment gave me the news I expected: Richard has the heart of an old dog – a little leaky, but no enlargement or other issues.

I am hopeful that the rest of this week will be a little less up and down.

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