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Food for thought

7 Feb

During my recent trip to New Orleans we chose the 2023 Sibert Award winners.

Travel can be tough – even on a trip you’ve been anticipating for a year. Your sleep and eating habits are radically disrupted. I’ve learned over time that it is important to find good places to eat. Carbs are easy to come by, vegetables more of a challenge.

On Friday night, before our decision making meeting, most committee members met at a restaurant named Shaya. It was the first time we’d met in person. We opted for a family style meal during which I had a life-changing pita experience.

After making our decision on Saturday, a committee member and I went to True Food Kitchen for dinner. I was excited to have so many veggie options. We shared a side of Brussels sprouts and I ordered an Ancient Grains Bowl. I was so enamored of this place and meal, that I ordered take-out the next evening for a picnic in the hotel room.

After returning home, I thought about those two meals. Last week, on Poetry Thursday, we learned about the poetic apostrophe and I was inspired to write this:

Dear pita baker at Shaya
You have changed my life
No more will I savor
The flavor
Of Store-bought pitas
Because yours were so light 
And fluffy
Arriving on the plate
Puffed up like a balloon,
Warm and tender.

Dipped into hummus
You brought joy to my heart
And tummy.

In a different twist on creativity, I endeavored to recreate the Ancient Grains Bowl at home. I was thrilled with my results.

Original Ancient Grains Bowl vs My homemade version:

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