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Dryer repair by the numbers

16 Jan


The email said the dryer technician would call Monday between 8 and 10 am. I read, I knit, I waited. He called at 10:14.

In his call, the technician said he’d arrive between 2 and 5 pm. I read some more. I knit some more. I waited some more. He arrived at 4:55.

Of course, my dryer wasn’t demonstrating the problem I called about. However, as the technician turned the knob and pushed the buttons, it did a few other things I’d never seen before. It began to work when he pushed the CANCEL button.

Fortunately, it was all part of the same component, the User Board, which he replaced by 5:45. We sat down and did the paperwork. I knew ahead of time what it would cost.

$99 just to show up                                                                                                                             122 flat labor rate                                                                                                                             361 for the part                                                                                                                                    $571 for peace of mind

Yeah, I had to wait… a lot. But there is one less dryer in the landfill. And yeah, I had to spend a lot of money. But right now, I am feeling really happy that this is what I see.






9 Jan

My dryer is on the fritz.

It’s been going on for a while, now, but the ones digit disappears from the timer. I don’t know where it goes, but it has always come back.

Until now.


Have you seen this missing digit?


DOB:  September 2006

Age: 11.5

Gender: Neutral

Eyes: Red

Hair: None, I faithfully clean out the lint trap after every load

Last seen: About 2 weeks ago, in my kitchen

Whirlpool agents have been contacted.



My 2018 OLW

2 Jan

I always tell people that my New Years is in September, when the new school year starts. It is, but I do like the tradition of a One Little Word for the new calendar year. it gives me a chance to reflect on 2017 and the first 4 months of the school year, and make a course correction.

I feel as though I went to extremes in 2017. I felt extreme emotions. I hope I didn’t manifest it publicly, but I felt myself roiling inside at times, which is very unlike me. When I relaxed, I hibernated. If I watched a TV show, I watched the entire series.

So, in an effort to pace myself, my OLW is


We have all been told “Moderation in all things”, usually related to food. In 2018 I want to strive to achieve this in many aspects of my life, but in a reasonable way.  Wish me a moderate amount of luck!



12 Dec

I ordered an iPad.

I ordered the iPad and set up delivery for Wednesday – a day I would be home because I was taking a personal day.

I tracked the packages from the moment they were sent Monday. Yes there were two. Apparently, when you order an iPad and a cover, they ship separately.

All day Tuesday, I tracked. My packages were getting closer. All day Wednesday, as I puttered around the house, I tracked my packages. I took Lucy on short walks, lest we be on another street when the UPS driver arrived.The sun started to set and I was still tracking my packages, my anxiety level high. What was taking so long.

At late afternoon, as the sun was setting, the knock finally came. I opened the door to one box. The cover. I tracked the other package, the iPad. Still “out for delivery”.

Six o’clock came and went. Still no package. Then, the iPad’s status changed to “destination scan” and the delivery date reset to Thursday. I deflated.

I wasn’t going to be home Thursday, so I set a plan in motion. I contacted neighbors who I knew worked from home. I printed directions for the UPS driver, taped them to the bottom of the glass baking dish I would set on my stoop. I went to work Thursday, feeling anxious.

I tracked that package all day Thursday.

It was still “out for delivery” when I got home, so I left the UPS website up and took Lucy for a short walk. Still “out for delivery” Just after we got home, the status changed to “delivered”. I hadn’t heard the UPS knock, but opened the door and checked. Nothing. Could someone already have stolen it? I wondered.

I occasionally receive things for the same address one street over, so I decided to go see if it had been misdelivered. I got Lucy’s collar and leash back on and set off.

A UPS truck sat at the end of my street. I walked up to the driver and explained my problem, giving my name and address. Interestingly, she was holding my box in her hands as I did so.

The second UPS person arrived back at the truck while this was happening. “I scanned it and was going to deliver it next,” he said calmly, unaware of the anxiety I had endured for two days.

They handed me my package and Lucy and I walked home with lighter hearts.

* * * * * * * * * * * * ** * * * * * **

Over the weekend, I knit a cozy for my new iPad.






Hallway drama

5 Dec

“Miss Gillespie! Miss Gillespie!” the student called as she ran into my room late Thursday afternoon. “A teacher fell in the hall!”

I ran into the hall, suspecting it might be the elderly, retired substitute who had been  in the room next door to me. I was correct, and two other teachers were already there. I yelled that I’d call the office for help and ran to do so.

Kids were streaming into my room – the incident happened at passing time – so I had no idea what had happened after my call. I stopped by the office on my way out at the end of the day to find out if he was alright. The school was abuzz because the ambulance was still there, red lights flashing, while the teacher talked with paramedics in the library.

By the next morning, all sorts of rumors abounded amongst the staff and students

  • he tripped and hit his head
  • he had a seizure
  • his blood sugar was low
  • his blood sugar was high
  • he had a heart attack

He was supposed to be in my neighbor’s classroom again Friday, but someone else was there. I was glad I could tell the students that he was resting at home and was feeling much better, which is what the secretary had told me that morning.

The substitute is scheduled to be in our building again later this week. I hope he has recovered and feels well enough to do so.




My lucky day

28 Nov

Fearful of the crowds and not a fan of shopping in general, I stayed home on Black Friday, just happy to be.

I was worried that the errands I had to run on Saturday would be marred by the same sale-crazed shoppers. Although I  am a morning person and would normally go out early, I waited until 9:30. The library didn’t open until 10 and a shop I needed to visit didn’t open until 11. It tested my patience, but I  was ready at 9:30 sharp with a well laid out plan of action.

My first was Pets on Broadway, for Lucy’s food. I found a good parking spot on the street and was greeted by a cheery person as I entered, who offered me an empty gift bag. She smiled and explained, “You can fill it at the counter.”

Fine,  I thought, I can manage that.  I picked up the familiar bag of Duck and Pear dry food – honestly, she eats better than I do – and made my way to the counter.

I expect to see some free samples set out to fill my gift bag, but there were none. I shrugged, assuming I was too late, and put the dog food and the gift bag on the counter.

“Would you like the sample bag for your gift bag?” the cashier asked.

“Yes, I thought I missed them, ” I replied, eyes popping as she reached behind and pulled out an almost-full grocery bag that contained a 5 lb. bag of good quality food, several kinds of treats and samples of a dehydrated dog food.

The cashier picked up her scanner, asked if I was part of the frequent buyer program (I am), typed in my name, then scanned my dog food.

“Well, it is your lucky day,” she said with a smile. “This is your twelfth bag, and it is free,”

All I could say was , “Seriously?”

After a joke about buying a lottery ticket, I left with my unpaid-for merchandise, on to take care of the other errands. There were no more freebies, but my plan of action came off without a hitch. I made five stops and was home by 11:30. It certainly was my lucky day.



From the ridiculous to the sublime

21 Nov

I was sitting in the pub, awaiting friends, when the host began helping a man set up his screen.  Must be celebrating a birthday or something, I thought.

My friends arrived, we ordered and talked, and I forgot about the group. And then the first image was projected onto the screen: The Beer Chorus. An MC took a mike and explained that they were the Portland Beer Choir. From that point on my attention wavered between my companions and the Beer Choir. They had a hymnal! They sang songs I’d never heard, some I had, and some to tunes I recognized with words I did not.

(Sing to the tune of “Do, a deer”)

FA, a long way for a beer

SO, I need another beer

LA, la la la la, la beer

As our dinner progressed more and more beer choir people appeared. I was fascinated.

We got up to leave, just as they were singing and pounding the table to The Wild Rover.

It was a beautiful Fall evening as we walked the few blocks from the pub to the church, where the concert that had called my friends and I out, would be held. We have seasons tickets to Cappella Romana, a vocal ensemble that performs early and contemporary sacred classical music in the Christian traditions of East and West. Saturday’s concert, entitled Arctic Light II: Northern Exposure, featured sacred works from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Estonia.

For years we’ve had tickets in row D. This year, due to a transition to a new office person, we have tickets in a variety of seats. For this concert we were in row A, the very front, and it was a powerful place to sit for this amazing concert.

The piece they sang for their encore, the Sandstrom arrangement of the hymn Lo, How A Rose E’er Blooming which slows down this hymn that has long been one of my favorites. It was sublime.




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