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My 2018 OLW

2 Jan

I always tell people that my New Years is in September, when the new school year starts. It is, but I do like the tradition of a One Little Word for the new calendar year. it gives me a chance to reflect on 2017 and the first 4 months of the school year, and make a course correction.

I feel as though I went to extremes in 2017. I felt extreme emotions. I hope I didn’t manifest it publicly, but I felt myself roiling inside at times, which is very unlike me. When I relaxed, I hibernated. If I watched a TV show, I watched the entire series.

So, in an effort to pace myself, my OLW is


We have all been told “Moderation in all things”, usually related to food. In 2018 I want to strive to achieve this in many aspects of my life, but in a reasonable way.  Wish me a moderate amount of luck!


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