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Heroes come in all forms

23 Feb

The reminder email suggested patients arrive five minutes early for COVID vaccinations. It is more in my nature to arrive a lot earlier, so I made a plan. the first step: start the car to be sure I can get out from the snow that encircled it. With that in mind, I donned my coat several hours before my appointment and went outside.

tick, tick tick

After sitting idle for two weeks – an unexpected consequence of last week’s snowstorm – my car would not start. I tried again, went into the house for the spare fob, and tried again.

tick, tick tick

No luck. My heart started beating wildly. This was the worst possible day for this to happen. I returned to the house, feeling shaky and dug my AAA card out of my wallet and called. Then, I paced until the robocall came, telling me that Roadside Assistance was five minutes away.

I waited in the street and saw the truck down the block. I walked to the middle of the street and waved. The masked man who exited the truck was a sort of hero to me at that moment. He hooked up the cables, but the car didn’t start. I deflated a bit.

“Let me adjust the connection,” he said gruffly. This was a man of action, a man of few words.

Relief flooded my body as my car roared back to life. I gushed my thanks, then asked, “I need to drove for 15-20 minutes, right?”

“More like 30,” was his terse, but kind, reply.

I thought for a moment. My Advisory class started in 20 minutes and I needed to drive for 20. This was a dilemma, so I explained my situation and made a plea for further assistance.

“I need to send an email to my students telling them I am cancelling Advisory, but will be there for Humanities. Could you watch my car while I do that. I’ll be back in less than five minutes.”

He agreed and I was in and out in a flash.

Bu the time I settled into the driver’s seat, my hero had driven off. I shifted into drive and followed suit.

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