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8 Jan

I’ve had a hard time getting back to work. I’m there, but my rhythm feels off. I have a really long list of  “Things I haven’ done yet that should have been done yesterday”. As soon as one comes off, another seems to get added. Sigh. I don’t remember feeling like this in previous Januaries. Apparently, this is the correct plural for January, I checked multiple sources. Being more organized isn’t part of my OLW, though I really need to shift my attitude and get things rolling smoothly.

Maybe I need to think more like Candice Phee, who tells her story in alphabetical order.


Goodreads Summary:Candice Phee isn’t a typical twelve-year-old girl. She has more than her fair share of quirks, but she also has the very best of intentions and an unwavering determination to make sure everyone around her is happy—which is no easy feat when dealing with a pet fish with an identity crisis, a friend who believes he came from another dimension, an age-old family feud, and a sick mom. But she is on a mission. Her methods might be unique, but Candice will do whatever it takes to restore order to her world and make sure everyone is absolutely, categorically happy again.

Like Candice, I feel like I need to restore order to my world, so I get my teaching flow back.


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