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Just for laughs: Super Hair-O and Crankee Doodle

3 Aug

In my personal reading, I tend not to read humorous books. However, I absolutely love reading a funny book to kids; it’s a form of performance art. I have two new funny books to add to my comedic repertoire.

We often think about superpowers we’d like to have (or actually have?) and I’ve talked about this with kids.  But have you ever considered the source of your superpower?


In Super Hair-O and the Barber of Doom  by John Rocco (who has an awesome portrait in his bio at the back of the book), our young superhero believes the source of his power lies in his locks. Alas, one day he is captured and taken to the barber.


With the cutting of his hair, color disappears and he looks in vain for a replacement of his power source. when a emergency arises, he & his friends realize that, despite their haircuts, they were still super. With my super future-telling power, I can see a writing project where kids have, lose and regain a superpower.

And then, there’s  Crankee Doodle by Tom Angleberger.


With this book, I can indulge my inner curmudgeon because this Yankee is cranky and doesn’t want to go to town.


His wise donkey helps young readers understand the song on which the story is based and laugh all the way to town. Our first grade team does aunt on American symbols and this would be an excellent resource for them. They kids could learn the song and have some chuckles.

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