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Celebrating the signs of Autumn

18 Sep


All the leaves are green
except for those on the tree
that stands sentinel
at the top of the street.
Its yellowing leaves
are the harbingers of Autumn.

There are other signs.
They appear most mornings,
announcing the change of seasons:
slippered feet on cold floors,
car lights turned on
for my dark drive to work,
jackets, worn to work, but
casually carried home
on warm afternoons.

Back to school
comes long before
Fall really begins
and I long to wear
tights and sweaters
and to feel the chill disappear
as I pull on my hat and gloves.


October: A heat pump poem

4 Oct


The temperature

has been









Before too long

I will have to turn on


But not yet.

Bundled in socks

and a flannel shirt

I challenge myself:

one more day.

Monitoring the temperature

inside the house,

I think:

one more degree.

But this year is different.

August’s heat pump

brought AC

and will soon bring

Autumn’s heat.

Though I am not ready

to turn it on,

I sit here,

in socks and a flannel shirt,

awaiting the moment

when I






Seasons change: A slice of life story

27 Oct

Kicking aside the leaves in my flip-flops earlier this week, I came to an important decision: I needed new slippers. I’d replaced my ratty old slippers with flip-flops during the July heatwave.


But the dry leaves in the yard, coupled with the promise of rain on the weekend sent me to the store in search of new slippers. I usually go someplace like Target and get boys plaid slippers, but here were none to be had in the store I went to Sunday. I like one stop shopping and I’d gone to get groceries, and by gum, I was getting slippers, especially since the rain Sunday morning was torrential.

I looked at all the options and settled on a nice pair of Isotoners that just happened to be on sale.  Yeah me!


And so, the great autumnal transformation has happened.

IMG_2102 IMG_2101

Bring it on!

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